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They Watch by Angela Dublin

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The Irish Viking Novel, Land of Drogheda is one you must have if you love Historical Romances.  Based on Ivarr the Boneless and the takeover of Inish Island off the Coast of Ireland.  Move over Braveheart because this one is sure to take the stage.  Stay tuned, there is more to come.

They Watch


 AVAILABLE NOW:  Just Google it at They Watch ebook!  Or go to Smashwords.

It's available in all ebook formats. 

I have enclosed an exerpt of the book They Watch that is now available at, Barnes and Noble.  Just go to the site and type in, They Watch by Angela Dublin and then click on books.  Thats it!

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     A famous novelist disappears on Highway 97.  Her beautiful black Labrador companion is also missing.  Ten years earlier, a young woman is cut to pieces by a vicious killer.  More recently, women have been disappearing in the Okanogan Mountains, just outside of Tonasket, Washington.

     The shadows in the night stir ominously, moving quietly amongst the trees.  Someone or something is out there.  Waiting, watching.  It is time.  Time to feed.