Angela Dublin-Author

They Watch by Angela Dublin

About Me

  Hi, I am an Author and Artist of many things.  I live just outside of Tonasket, WA.  In the Okanagon hills.  The novel, They Watch is based upon this area.  The darkest spot on earth at night.  I spend most of my time writing and painting.  I love to imagine, and then put those scenes in either books, or on canvas.  I am currently working on editing my next novel, Land of Drogheda.  An Historical Romance that entails Ivarr the Boneless.  A Viking, Irish read.  I will include more in a few weeks.  I have a wonderful companion, Shadow Dog, whom I might add is the star in Banjo Bongo Bugs greatest adventures.  I also have two kids who keep me on my toes.  Although they are grown they are adventurous as well.  If you would like to order a copy of They Watch, please click on the link Publish America.  If you would like to order Banjo Bongo Bugs Greatest Adventures or order my newest Children's Book, Bringing in the Clown,  go to and search books.   Thank you!