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They Watch by Angela Dublin

Banjo Bongo Bug's Greatest Adventures

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Banjo Bongo Bugs Greatest Adventures

My newest Children's Book has just been released!  A fun filled adventure filled with funny, wild characters.  Banjo is a green Beetle bug taking an adventure of a lifetime and along the way he meets many new and different friends. Come and enjoy the White Tiger that is running for his life, and Shadow Dog, the Black Labrador that is full of Vinegar, or laugh along with Mr. MaGoo, the stray Cat that is found hurt and crying.  Then there is Fleabag and the talking flowers.   Everyone is looking for a home and trying to outrun the storm that is coming.  Two meanies, Shyster and Keester are after them and fear must be conquered.  Into the dark and spooky Banjo Forest they must go.  Will they find a home in time?  What makes a family?  Can they all come together despite their differences.   A wonderfully created book that will teach your child the value of friendship and home.  AVAILABLE AT AMAZON!